Broken Down Beauty

For this photo shoot I took two beautiful models into an abandoned broken down housing complex. I have always had problems seeing the beauty in the world because I have always been looking in the wrong place. I look into the flowers and the rainbows and see something pretty, but that attraction never lasted. However when I see something that the world takes for granted, such as flowering spiky weeds, and I am able to make it beautiful while showing others its beauty, it makes my art more meaningful.

Broken Down Beauty web-1 Broken Down Beauty web-4 Broken Down Beauty web-3

Broken Down Beauty web-5


Relationship Statue: Laughing, Loving, Losing

Love brings countless emotions. Emotions that bring on a world of pain and joy throughout the years. For this project I walked in the lives of my fellow college students to see their perspective of love. All of these college students are at a different point in their life. Their lives change as they grow into the molds they want to be; a better student, a better wife, a better parent, or even a better person.



For this project I recreated one of my old images. Now this original image is my favorite photograph I have taken. It has been my screen savor for a year and have gotten great critics from my fellow classmates. So why would I want to redo it? With my photography and design skills increased I know I could make a better one. Also I could show all three as a collection. Now looking back at the other two I have taken I decided I will take the original images and re-edit them in a way that they won’t overlap each other as much to show more white space.

First I took the image of the main orange flower and masked out the background. I then blacked it on a black background. I took the main image with a LED light that had a yellow filter. Next I took the individual colored flower images. I used a white flower with a LED flashlight with different colored filters i made from plastic wrap, construction paper and sharpies. I then placed one image over another in photoshop using the lighten screen.

This is the second image I took for the collection. For this one I used the inside of glow sticks on white flowers.  The main images I used a candle light underneath the white flower.

This is the original image. I used the Led flash light with different colored filters. This flower was a lot more puffy than the other images. I took these images from different angles.


Trapped Pixi

For this project I did a composite image, in which I took two different images and combined them in photoshop. I have never created an image like this before.  First I create a sketch of the idea I wanted to do. Then I created my character for the inside of my water droplet. I was debating between a few characters I have done before. I decided to do my fairy character. Once I decided on my character I needed to pick a scene to put her in. I was originally going to do a relaxed fairy sitting in the grass, but when the day of the photoshot came the weather keeped changing from stormy to windy to sunny. In response I changed my character to a fairy in distress, trying to escape the water drop. Then I took a macro image of a water drop on a flower. Once i had both images I started processing them in photoshop. I created a mask with the background fitting in the water droplet, then I created a mask with just me in it. I played with both layers opacity until I reached a level which the background fit nicely into the water drop and I popped a little more than the background.



These first three images are a composition image. They are levitating photos. For these I took two images, One with the model and one with just the background. I then make the model float by taking out whatever he or she is balancing on. Also since they are floating I decided to make them more ghost by making them opaque.  


For my out of the box I decided to take the 1800’s back to 2017 by getting my model to wear his apple box. I thought my Idea was very clever. Sady others were there and also took images of my idea (the assignment was to get an image that no one else got and was unique). But with the world of art there it is hard to get an image without someone noticing you and using your Ideas as their own. Then again all art is theft.


For this last image I wanted to create the movement I saw in this still object. Now I didn’t wasnt it to move in the way I it would  traditionally move, But in the way I saw it and how the movement impressed on me for my abstract. Below it is the original image.