Critic for Wanted

For my critic I choose my brother Brent Fisher. He is a visual Communications major and has taken the class before. I sent him my second draft on Wednesday. I was unable to talk to him in person so we communicated through texts and he sent me pictures of my cover with arrows of how he would aline it. He also commented that the Hillary clinton story would be to political so I decided to take it out. I listened to what he had to say with an open mind. However I decided what pieces of critic I would take and what I would not.

Magazine Cover

My magazine is dedicated to the female criminals of the world. For my cover story I choose a picture of me and my finger gun. The cover story is about how I am a convicted criminal that is running from Canadian mounties. I went with Canadian mounties because I was born in Canada and mounties is more interesting then police or cops. There is also an article on the topics of guns and whether they make the world a safer or a more deadly place. I choose to do a female celebrity who has been questioned to really drive home the female emphasis of this issue. I originally choose Hillary and the big scandal of the missing emails. However, I felt that it was to political and if I use this piece in my portfolio i may not wish to have her on my work. I decided to choose Martha because she is a powerful woman that was taken down by the justice system. My last article is about the top ten deadliest women in the world. This article leads the reader into the idea that it is a international magazine and the emphasis was women. This article is on top to set the stage for the following