Business Card and Letterhead





Description: In this project I was to create a business card and letterhead for my future business.


1. I created a few different cards through Illustrator but I was not satisfied with an of them. I scrapped all the ideas and started new. I found an image with a gold and red color scheme and I found my inspiration.

2. I started with a red background and then created lots of circles with different shades of red in them. I then added the text and picked out a nice font.

3. Once I had the font and circles in place I served the yellow strip around the text with the pen tool. I changed the opacity of the strip and added two more curved strips.

4. I decided I wanted the circles on both sides so experimented with more circles. I then changed the text color to gold.

5. I then moved on to the back of the card where I copied the circles  and placed a few on the left side as well.

6. I then added my text and kept the gold brand name but made it smaller and on one line. I then added my information to the card. I decided to change it to white and find a new font.

7. I decided I needed one more element. I decided to write my name so they new who they were calling. I wrote valerie Fisher again but it felt very repetitive. I then changed it to Miss Fisher and made the outline gold with the center clear.

8. I then moved on to my letter head. for this I copied the circles and the text from my card. I decided to add the gold element to the letter head so i decided to do stripes instead of the swirl.

Critique Process: For my critic I met with up with Jordan Moore in the spori lab where we worked on our projects and then criticized them as we went. He gave me many good ideas as I went along. He suggested that I made the Type on my business card white instead of black.

Message: To send out my information

Audience: Anyone who needs photos taken.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to use the pen tool more effectively.

Color Scheme and Color: Analogous Gold, Pink, Red, and Maroon

Title Font Name & Category:

Champagne and Limousine- Sans Serif

Thinking of Betty- Decorative






Create a spiritual poster using a montage of images.


  1. I picked a quote from C.S. Lewis because he is a famous christian author.
  2. I went through my Hard drive and selected a few photographs that would go with the quote.
  3. I picked out a few images that went together nicely.
  4. I decided to keep it clean and eliminated all the unnecessary images.
  5. I added a screen filter to my main black and white photograph of the young women. I then cleaned up the background behind her and sharpened her face.
  6. I added multiple over laying layers of the original geyser image. I then used the smudge tool at 35% opacity to blend the edges making it look more like clouds.
  7. I added my text and downloaded interesting fonts from Dafont for my keywords.
  8.  I took out a lot of the black from my clouds that was behind the text masks.
  9. I changed my fonts again and added color to the clouds the word destiny

Critique Process:

I got my critic from Katie, a fellow classmate, in person. In this cretic she mentioned that the word Destiny was my center focus and she didn’t even notice the picture of the girl. I decided to change the color to destiny from blue to green and I added color to the clouds.

I also got a critic from  Morgan Rial and Brooks Mcfadden through messaging I was asking them about little things such as my models position and my color scheme.


To keep going forward because you never know where your path may lead you.


Anyone needing of uplifting.

Top Things Learned:

If you don’t like your final product work backwards to find what edits you made that you didn’t like.

Color Scheme:

Bichromatic  Green, Pink, Gray, White, Black

Title Font name & Category:

Avenir/ stan sarif

Beyond the Mountain/ Decorative.

Original images taken by me



Photodesign Project



Utilizing photograph, text, and color scheme to convey a message.


  1. I went out to the Pond and took my image.
  2. I edited my photograph in Lightroom.
  3. I picked out my color scheme with the help of Adobe Color.
  4. I added my visuals of the bars and texts “A Dip In the Pond”.
  5. I got my work critiqued.
  6. I added ellipsis edited my bars.
  7. I fixed my texts font and sizes.

Critique Process:

I criticized my work with amber fisher. I choose to use amber fisher as my critic because she has taken the class before. I went to her house and showed her my project. She told me I should upgrade my font to a more interesting san sharif and adding contrast through different sizes of my font. I suggested an italics for my title and she suggested that I did not because it did not look very professional. She then suggested that I get rid of my circular swatches and use square ones instead. However I decided that i did not like this rather I would keep the circles because they broke up my linear patterns. It was nice critiquing with my sister because I could stay at her house and work on the final draft and she could advise me every step of the way.


To relax and take a moment to dip your feet into the pond.


People who enjoy nature and need time to relax and rejuvenate.

Things I learned:

How to use Adobe Color

Color Schemes:

Analogous Green (Marron, Forrest, Green, Tan, Gray)

Font Name:

Code Bold Regular, Arial Regular

Original Photograph:


6 Photo Editing Project


For this 6 image project I choose to use the rexburg LDS temple for my subject matter in four of my pictures. For the last two I used my classmate Morgan and my halloween decorations as the main subject. I choose the temple because it is an interesting building and it has a beautiful garden around it.

After I took the images I edited them in photoshop. I personally enjoy using lightroom for my editing but this was an interesting alternative.  I found using the histogram to alter the lighting was not as productive as using the lightroom sliders. I discovered the sharpening tool easy to use and useful for some of the images but was not needed for all the images as was instructed. Also the vibrance and saturation along with the the selective color tool was an not only unnecessary but also distracted from my subject matter.



How to make Fettuccine Alfredo


Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 9.18.50 PM.png


Photo on 10-5-16 at 9.50 PM.jpg

For this prezi I created a rough draft not knowing exactly how to work the program. Once I watch the cretic I looked at the program again and figured out how the program worked better. I redesigned it to add more graphics. I then got it critiqued from morgan at his apartment on Wednesday and edited it accordingly to what would look better. Most of the cretics were of the texts.