Photodesign Project



Utilizing photograph, text, and color scheme to convey a message.


  1. I went out to the Pond and took my image.
  2. I edited my photograph in Lightroom.
  3. I picked out my color scheme with the help of Adobe Color.
  4. I added my visuals of the bars and texts “A Dip In the Pond”.
  5. I got my work critiqued.
  6. I added ellipsis edited my bars.
  7. I fixed my texts font and sizes.

Critique Process:

I criticized my work with amber fisher. I choose to use amber fisher as my critic because she has taken the class before. I went to her house and showed her my project. She told me I should upgrade my font to a more interesting san sharif and adding contrast through different sizes of my font. I suggested an italics for my title and she suggested that I did not because it did not look very professional. She then suggested that I get rid of my circular swatches and use square ones instead. However I decided that i did not like this rather I would keep the circles because they broke up my linear patterns. It was nice critiquing with my sister because I could stay at her house and work on the final draft and she could advise me every step of the way.


To relax and take a moment to dip your feet into the pond.


People who enjoy nature and need time to relax and rejuvenate.

Things I learned:

How to use Adobe Color

Color Schemes:

Analogous Green (Marron, Forrest, Green, Tan, Gray)

Font Name:

Code Bold Regular, Arial Regular

Original Photograph:



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