Create a spiritual poster using a montage of images.


  1. I picked a quote from C.S. Lewis because he is a famous christian author.
  2. I went through my Hard drive and selected a few photographs that would go with the quote.
  3. I picked out a few images that went together nicely.
  4. I decided to keep it clean and eliminated all the unnecessary images.
  5. I added a screen filter to my main black and white photograph of the young women. I then cleaned up the background behind her and sharpened her face.
  6. I added multiple over laying layers of the original geyser image. I then used the smudge tool at 35% opacity to blend the edges making it look more like clouds.
  7. I added my text and downloaded interesting fonts from Dafont for my keywords.
  8.  I took out a lot of the black from my clouds that was behind the text masks.
  9. I changed my fonts again and added color to the clouds the word destiny

Critique Process:

I got my critic from Katie, a fellow classmate, in person. In this cretic she mentioned that the word Destiny was my center focus and she didn’t even notice the picture of the girl. I decided to change the color to destiny from blue to green and I added color to the clouds.

I also got a critic from  Morgan Rial and Brooks Mcfadden through messaging I was asking them about little things such as my models position and my color scheme.


To keep going forward because you never know where your path may lead you.


Anyone needing of uplifting.

Top Things Learned:

If you don’t like your final product work backwards to find what edits you made that you didn’t like.

Color Scheme:

Bichromatic  Green, Pink, Gray, White, Black

Title Font name & Category:

Avenir/ stan sarif

Beyond the Mountain/ Decorative.

Original images taken by me




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