Business Card and Letterhead





Description: In this project I was to create a business card and letterhead for my future business.


1. I created a few different cards through Illustrator but I was not satisfied with an of them. I scrapped all the ideas and started new. I found an image with a gold and red color scheme and I found my inspiration.

2. I started with a red background and then created lots of circles with different shades of red in them. I then added the text and picked out a nice font.

3. Once I had the font and circles in place I served the yellow strip around the text with the pen tool. I changed the opacity of the strip and added two more curved strips.

4. I decided I wanted the circles on both sides so experimented with more circles. I then changed the text color to gold.

5. I then moved on to the back of the card where I copied the circles  and placed a few on the left side as well.

6. I then added my text and kept the gold brand name but made it smaller and on one line. I then added my information to the card. I decided to change it to white and find a new font.

7. I decided I needed one more element. I decided to write my name so they new who they were calling. I wrote valerie Fisher again but it felt very repetitive. I then changed it to Miss Fisher and made the outline gold with the center clear.

8. I then moved on to my letter head. for this I copied the circles and the text from my card. I decided to add the gold element to the letter head so i decided to do stripes instead of the swirl.

Critique Process: For my critic I met with up with Jordan Moore in the spori lab where we worked on our projects and then criticized them as we went. He gave me many good ideas as I went along. He suggested that I made the Type on my business card white instead of black.

Message: To send out my information

Audience: Anyone who needs photos taken.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to use the pen tool more effectively.

Color Scheme and Color: Analogous Gold, Pink, Red, and Maroon

Title Font Name & Category:

Champagne and Limousine- Sans Serif

Thinking of Betty- Decorative



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