Website Mock up


Creating a website mockup for a business. website-final




  1. First I decided to make  a website for my photography business.
  2. I decided to keep my original color scheme and fonts from my logo and business card.
  3. I created my three sketches on paper, adding a bit more detail to each one, to see what i wanted in my final project.
  4. I created my shape map from my last schech. I used adobe photoshop for this step. I placed circles in place for my image.  And a box for my logo.
  5. I then opened my business card in adobe illustrator and reorganized the bubbles so they laid more horizontally with the text.
  6. I added circles I was going to put images in with text over top. I also added my information bar.
  7. I got in critiqued by sister godfrey. She suggested making my logo circles less like an eclipse. I then decided to add the gold colors into the logo circles.
  8. I added a pink bar to my information section. And a red footer with my phone number and email.
  9. I got the vectors for my photos for free online.
  10. I decided to make my circles not contain images and make them more eclipse to add some asymmetry.
  11. I added an inspirational quote from my favorite photographer Ansel Adams.
  12. I then went through my images and picked out my favorite to add to the boxes for my images.

Critique process: I went to lab on wednesday night and got a critique as I went by Jeremiah, Spencer, and Jordan. Jeremiah suggested that I only add a single bar for my footer and not a double bar like my information line. Jordan suggested that I added gold circles to my logo behind the text. I decided it would be to cluttered, but that inspired me to add the gold into my three main circles. He also suggested that I make the circle symmetrical from one side to the other. But I decided it added more interest to keep each side different. I was inspired by Jeremiah’s project to create my images vertical instead of horizontal.


Higher me as a photographer. Buy my fine art images.


Young adults looking for a photo session

Top Things learned: 

Remember Asymmetry.

Color Scheme:

Analigus: Gold, Orange, red, pink,

Title font:

Thinking of betty/decorative

Copy font:

Champagne and limousine/stan serif

Image Credit:

All images are my own

Vector Credit:

<a href=’’>Designed by Freepik</a>





To create a custom web page utilizing HTML and CSS


  1. I created my logo for my photography company in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. I created my HTML file and added in my type I wanted on my page.
  3. I added my coding to my type so it would be organized and presented correctly.
  4. I linked my HTML file with my new CSS file.
  5. I then looked up a couple of different fonts i could use for my headers and Body.
  6. I put my logo into a Hex color finder. I changed my text to complement my logo. I decided to make my Headers a darker red and the body a lighter red with a gold background. All from my original logo.
  7. I formated my image correctly so it would be straight across the text.


I got my critique by Jordan Moore. He liked my visuals he just suggest that i find a more cohesive hex code for my background color since it was sightly off of my logo strip. Once the Logo strip blended in with the background he said it looked much better and less blocky.  but found a few errors in my text. He helped me rewrite my text so it contained no errors.


Hire me as a photographer


Adults looking for a professional family photographer

Top Things Learned:

I learned how difficult HTML and CSS is. I learned how to use textwrangler.

Color Scheme:

Analogous: Red, Pink, Maroon, Yellow, Gold.


Didot: san starif

Charter: serif


Graphics are my own.



Infographic.png Description: An infographic to shed awareness of the destructions of the grey wolf in Banff national park.

Process: I researched interesting and relevant facts about my topic.

2. I created a Layout map for my infographic.

3. I started finding vectors I wanted to use for my infographic.

4. I created my built points from the quotes I collected and placed them in the layout.

5. I got a critic from Jordan Moore.

Critique Process

I got my critique from Jordan Moore, a fellow student, He suggested I should make it longer to include my information with less crowding.

Message: Save the Wolves

Audience: American and Canadian citizens

Top Thing Learned: Spacing is everything.

Color Scheme: Quadratic Blue Red Orange and Green