To create a custom web page utilizing HTML and CSS


  1. I created my logo for my photography company in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. I created my HTML file and added in my type I wanted on my page.
  3. I added my coding to my type so it would be organized and presented correctly.
  4. I linked my HTML file with my new CSS file.
  5. I then looked up a couple of different fonts i could use for my headers and Body.
  6. I put my logo into a Hex color finder. I changed my text to complement my logo. I decided to make my Headers a darker red and the body a lighter red with a gold background. All from my original logo.
  7. I formated my image correctly so it would be straight across the text.


I got my critique by Jordan Moore. He liked my visuals he just suggest that i find a more cohesive hex code for my background color since it was sightly off of my logo strip. Once the Logo strip blended in with the background he said it looked much better and less blocky.  but found a few errors in my text. He helped me rewrite my text so it contained no errors.


Hire me as a photographer


Adults looking for a professional family photographer

Top Things Learned:

I learned how difficult HTML and CSS is. I learned how to use textwrangler.

Color Scheme:

Analogous: Red, Pink, Maroon, Yellow, Gold.


Didot: san starif

Charter: serif


Graphics are my own.



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