Creating a brochure for future employees.


  1. I decided to create my entire brochure around an image I took.
  2. I recreated my logo color scheme to match my image.
  3. I made my logo horizontal instead of diagonal and got rid of my circles.
  4. I created a camera vector from scratch.
  5. I then started to formate my bocher in indesign. I placed my main image as the background photo for the front and back of my brochure. I then cut my logo and vector in half so they would met when the brochure is closed.
  6. I typed out my text i wanted to use for the back of my brochure.
  7. I went through my archives and picked nine of my own images and a single image of myself.
  8. I then organized all the photos and cut out the image of me so I could rap my text around it.



My critic was from my brother who is an art major at University of Utah. He suggested that i change my color scheme to something more lively and fun. He suggested the bright colors in my favorite photograph. He expressed that these colors would grab the audience’s attention. He explained that my old colors were a little too mature for my audience.


I am a professional Photographer and her are some examples of my work.


Future employers and clients.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned how to text wrap.

Color Scheme and Color Names:

Split complementary; Pink, Blue, Green

Title Font & Category:

Thinking of betty; decorative

Copy Font & Category:

Champagne and limousine; san serif

Images Used:

All images on the inside are mine as well as the vector.


The Photograph of me was taken by Aldrin Dionisio.




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