New Website Mockup

I spent two hours revising my website mockup. It got the lowest grade so I decided that was the one I wanted to redo.

  • First I changed the images so they were all the same size.
    • I changed this because looking at it with a fresh set of eyes the shapes were too similar to be identical.
  • I changed my category circles to be even.
    • The eclipse did not work with the pictures being the same size so I made them all equal.
  • I changed my font.
    • Once i changed my font from black to gray you couldn’t see the type so i decided to change it to a bolder serif.
  • I realigned everything to a grid.
    • Once I put the grid on I noticed a lot of the items were not allied so I fixed everything. Also when I changed the fonts i had to change the sizes so they were not centered.
  • I changed my entire color scheme so it’s a triadic green, red, blue, and a neutral gray.
    • I have grown o dislike my gold and red color scheme so I decided to creat a more interesting color scheme. Since all my images were black and white it was easy to change the color scheme. I decided I wanted to keep the red but I wanted a more earthy and bright red. Once I had my red a picked a blue and green that matched. I decided I wanted the blacks to pop out in the images so I changed the text to light gray over the colors and dark gray over the white space.
  • I got rid of my two vectors on my footer.
    • The blue and red of the vectors did not match my color scheme and the cluttered the bottom so I decided to get rid of them.
  • I redid my header colors and font.
    • I decided with my new serif font I didn’t really like my big fluffy decorative font so I changed it to a more subtle decorative font. I Decided to Have the green be the title since green was my accent color. Then I had the bubbles be blue with a red inside because it was opposite of the banner bellow it.
  • I changed my white background to a gray one.
    • The white stood out too much with all the gray background so i decided to do the same gray at my text that was surrounded by color. Then i noticed my plain text didn’t stand out as much so I darkened that up.


I got a creitique by Jordan Moore. He sugested that I get rid of the bubbles under my picture. I tried this and i couldnt find any other shape or simble that looked good to take its place. So after much fuss I decided to leave the bubbles.


Higher as a photographer for your special events.


Mid age adults looking for a photographer.

Top Things learned: 

Bold color schemes will attract the clients.

Color Scheme:

Triadic: Red, Blue, Green.

Title font:

Signiture painter- housescript /decorative

Copy font:

Chipaza/ Serif


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