Page one of my photobook

I didn’t have any great images from this semester so I decided to use images I took within the past two years. I love my concept for this page, which is finding beauty in the darkness. I decided to replace the images I have currently in this post with news one I will take specifically for this photo book.

I used lightroom the edit the images and possibly Photoshop for my demon of beauty. I created a shape map in indesign and then placed my contents on top of my shape map. I picked Thinking of betty and big calson as my two fonts.

First page photobook 2


2 thoughts on “Page one of my photobook

  1. One thing that stood out to me in your blog is that all of your pictures are very different. However all of your edits and the style of your pictures are the same. I really like is your photo book looks like a photography spread in a magazine.


    • Thank you Mikayla 🙂 I only have the first page of my photo book done so i’m not quite sure what the theme of my book will be. But that great to hear that all the images are different but cohesive enough to look like a photography spread 🙂 Thanks 😀


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