Freeze and Blur

ValerieFisherBlurValerie Fisher Blur Valerie Fisher FreezeValerie Fisher Freeze

These images are all taken of liquids. I took around 800 images to try to get some of objects splashing in the cups and containers but it did not end up working the way I wanted it to. Instead I decided to swirl the water and capture either the water, air or sprinkles in motion. Although my first image looks noisy it was just the bubbles on the container

The camera I used was my sony A77. Although all my images have the same shutter speed of 1/125 and ISO of 2000 I was able to achieve the difference of the freeze and blur effect by changing the motion of the object. The vortex and bubbles were moving much slower than the splash and the sprinkles. The only setting difference was on the second image, it had an aperture of F/4.0 instead of F/2.8


One thought on “Freeze and Blur

  1. It is interesting how we can have one idea and through trial and error it changes to a different idea. The splashing objects may have not worked for you but the vortex and the bubbles look really cool. The blue vortex is definitely my favorite, I love the deep blue color.


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