Trapped Pixi

For this project I did a composite image, in which I took two different images and combined them in photoshop. I have never created an image like this before.  First I create a sketch of the idea I wanted to do. Then I created my character for the inside of my water droplet. I was debating between a few characters I have done before. I decided to do my fairy character. Once I decided on my character I needed to pick a scene to put her in. I was originally going to do a relaxed fairy sitting in the grass, but when the day of the photoshot came the weather keeped changing from stormy to windy to sunny. In response I changed my character to a fairy in distress, trying to escape the water drop. Then I took a macro image of a water drop on a flower. Once i had both images I started processing them in photoshop. I created a mask with the background fitting in the water droplet, then I created a mask with just me in it. I played with both layers opacity until I reached a level which the background fit nicely into the water drop and I popped a little more than the background.




These first three images are a composition image. They are levitating photos. For these I took two images, One with the model and one with just the background. I then make the model float by taking out whatever he or she is balancing on. Also since they are floating I decided to make them more ghost by making them opaque.  


For my out of the box I decided to take the 1800’s back to 2017 by getting my model to wear his apple box. I thought my Idea was very clever. Sady others were there and also took images of my idea (the assignment was to get an image that no one else got and was unique). But with the world of art there it is hard to get an image without someone noticing you and using your Ideas as their own. Then again all art is theft.


For this last image I wanted to create the movement I saw in this still object. Now I didn’t wasnt it to move in the way I it would  traditionally move, But in the way I saw it and how the movement impressed on me for my abstract. Below it is the original image.


For these three images we used reflectors. I had the models in the shade with an assistant holding the reflectors to shine the light in the models faces. We did this to bring light into their eyes. For the last one we used the feathering technique so the light wasn’t as bright in their eyes.

These images we did outdoors in the sun without a reflector.  The light was more harsh on their face. I particularly like this for the effect. I wanted the models to look harshers like they had a long day working in the sun.

This image was taken with window lighting. We had a reflector shining on his left cheek. This light was also harsh but I wanted the side of the face lite in a soft shadow.

This image was taken outside with the strobe and in the shadows of the sun. The strobe was used as a filler for the continuous light of the sun.


These images were used with a strobe. The first four image the light was very close creating a strong shadows on the models faces. The last two images had the strobe further away creating a softer shadow and lighting.



These two images were created as ghost images. There was a long exposure and the models moved during the exposure creating a the ghost appearance. Both were taken with an LED light.