These first three images are a composition image. They are levitating photos. For these I took two images, One with the model and one with just the background. I then make the model float by taking out whatever he or she is balancing on. Also since they are floating I decided to make them more ghost by making them opaque.  


For my out of the box I decided to take the 1800’s back to 2017 by getting my model to wear his apple box. I thought my Idea was very clever. Sady others were there and also took images of my idea (the assignment was to get an image that no one else got and was unique). But with the world of art there it is hard to get an image without someone noticing you and using your Ideas as their own. Then again all art is theft.


For this last image I wanted to create the movement I saw in this still object. Now I didn’t wasnt it to move in the way I it would  traditionally move, But in the way I saw it and how the movement impressed on me for my abstract. Below it is the original image.


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