My top 5 images recent Images

These are my top five recent image. My absolute favorite image Is the first one with the cyborg who is levitating the pot and glass. I did this though masking and stamping. This was definitely my favorite shoot this semester.


This image was taken at my field trip. The model was parred off with her husband so they were meant to be a couple, However I loved the Idea of making her a widow with her black veil and dress. I absolutely love the expression she was making for this shoot. It was perfect for her character.

Valerie Fisher A Widow's Sorrow

This image is done with a macro tube. The water droplet I placed on the flower was absolutely perfect in its shape. I love the shallow depth of field in this image.


This is also another one of my favorites. This is a picture of me taken by me. I believe it is probably one of my most successful images I have been able to take for self photography that is me in my normal self. I take a lot of artsy one with when I have different body paints or different costumes on. But this is my favorite one that is just of me as myself.

This image was also taken at my field trip. I love this one because It really resembles a horror ghost. This one was taken with a long exposure and the model moving. I then took out a majority of the color making the mood darker.

Valerie Fisher A Ghost Among Us



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