I just made my first photobook for my comm 300 class which is digital media. This photobooks was made only with images I took this semester, I had ten weeks or two and a half months to create all of the images I put into this book.


Relationship Statue: Laughing, Loving, Losing

Love brings countless emotions. Emotions that bring on a world of pain and joy throughout the years. For this project I walked in the lives of my fellow college students to see their perspective of love. All of these college students are at a different point in their life. Their lives change as they grow into the molds they want to be; a better student, a better wife, a better parent, or even a better person.



For this project I recreated one of my old images. Now this original image is my favorite photograph I have taken. It has been my screen savor for a year and have gotten great critics from my fellow classmates. So why would I want to redo it? With my photography and design skills increased I know I could make a better one. Also I could show all three as a collection. Now looking back at the other two I have taken I decided I will take the original images and re-edit them in a way that they won’t overlap each other as much to show more white space.

First I took the image of the main orange flower and masked out the background. I then blacked it on a black background. I took the main image with a LED light that had a yellow filter. Next I took the individual colored flower images. I used a white flower with a LED flashlight with different colored filters i made from plastic wrap, construction paper and sharpies. I then placed one image over another in photoshop using the lighten screen.

This is the second image I took for the collection. For this one I used the inside of glow sticks on white flowers.  The main images I used a candle light underneath the white flower.

This is the original image. I used the Led flash light with different colored filters. This flower was a lot more puffy than the other images. I took these images from different angles.