Competitions are a fun way to show your work while possibly winning a prize. over this past week I have entered into a few photo contest from viewbug. Submitting your photos was really easy. You just created an acount looked for contest you wanted to enter into, then you just submit an image. It is really that simple. Then the image is added into your gallery and others can like it and follow you. It is a really cool website. you can also vote for contests as judges.

here is their website if you are interested

The first one was for self portraiture, so I posted an image I took of myself. I decided to submit this photo because the title of the competition was reimage selfies. I am a big fan of self portraiture. I believe a lot of people are huge fans of self portraiture or else social media wouldn’t be filled with selfies. There is even apps made for sending selfies to your friends such as snapchat, Ok well that may not be the reason it was created but it is the audience they have now. Either way, I think re thinking the selfie can be huge for the photography industry.


The second was for the color pink, So i added my favorite macro shot. With the pink reflection in the droplet and the pink and white background and foreground it was the perfect candidate.


The last one I entered was for a photoshop competition. so I added my most recent image. I also placed this one into a newbees competition (a competition for those who just joined the website). Also fun fact about this image, A print version was selected to hang in one of my schools building for a week. Which is supper cool! Probably one of my favorite images I have taken so far.



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