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Hey guys im staring up a new website called hidden Beauty Design! It is still under construction but will be on word press soon!

Also I already have my new Instagram up! here is the link with all my new images ūüôā¬†



How to talk about a serous topic

For this REP blog I decided to creic a professional Comedian on his talks about depression.

I loved watching Dans youtube videos in high school. They were always so light and fluffy while being comicial and talking about some social issues.

For this video he did something completely different by talking about something very real and personal to him.


He did this very well by keeping to his traditional comedy but still being sensitive about the topic.  He does this through the B roll. Like pouring popcorn on himself to talk about willingness to eat.

After he finishes his video with having a disclaiming  that he is talking about his personal life and then he posts professional help bellow

Realistic or no?

Here is the resource to see and download (with correct permitions) of the vector art:


For the past two weeks I have been creating a photorealistic watch. For that project I choose a pocket watch that has a antique rusted look to it, which is quite different than the image I choose. What better way to learn how to create something than to look at professional work.


This artist did an amazing job at this watch. Not only did they choose an incredible detailed watch but they separated the graphics so we can see what exactly they did.

For the face of the watch they added a shine to the base of the face instead of to a top layered glass. This is interesting because it creates the look of the reflective surface but it does so below the hands not above it. They also did not cut out the center of the metallic base. This might just be for simplicity.

The hands also are a little fuzzy which indicated motion. However the hour and minute hand would not be moving that much to create a strong blur. It is not very noticeable once put together but once separated it is quite. The watch is still very impressive with all the other detail being perfectly clear.

The highlights and shadows are quite nice in this vector. There is a very intricate twist in the outer face. The twist is consistent and clean. The highlights and shadows are clean on the band as well. They are quite harsh but this is because the surface is very shiny which would result in a sharp reflection.


Buzzfeed reverse engineer


For this reverse engineer post I used Buzzfeed

The brands strength is its high popularity and funny content. The profile picture is very powerful with the red background and white lettering It has high contrast with their logo being red and white.

The brand does have a few weakness through their change their cover photo. They change it every so often which does keep them relevant, but it does not match well with their logo. But their cover photo has great composition with the rules of thirds with the top and bottom decorations meeting the thirds. The logo is centered.

The brand is trying to accomplish a fun exciting brand with their design. They have fun videos episodes of all their fan favorite employees. The layout is unique and not like a typical facebook page.


Likes and shares are the metrics used to determine their success. They have 11,234,627 likes on their pages.


Expanding my Touch




Message: To bring more light and beauty into the world even if it is hard to see.

Audience: Anyone who loves art (Probably the younger generation)

Actions: Posting Photography, vectors and other design works.

Timing: 3 times a week- every day


Read Seascape

Channel Profiles: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

User Profiles: Hidden Beauty Design

Expectations: I expect to have a different audiences on each different channel. I expect to have younger males and females on my instagram, 15-45 year old females on Pinterest and a wider range of male and female 15-60 on facebook.

Taboos: Create something original. Only post my best work, the west link determines the strength of the chain.



Who: My intended audience is anyone who loves art

Where: Facebook Instagram Pinterest

What: Short Video clips, Photography, Links to my website, Vectors, Other Design work.

When: 3 times a week I will have preset times I will post all around 2 in the afternoon. A few weeks in I will see what my followers like most.

Define Success

Metrics: Facebook Likes, Instagrams Hearts, Pinterest shares and likes.

Voice Statement: I plan to have a light edgy mood. I will have some pieces that are darker and some that are lighter. I want it to feel real; Real art from a real photographer that has challenges and successes.

Logos: Here are a few sketches for mt new logo. I also decided to rename my pages from twenty one years in the making to Hidden Beauty Design. The main reason is twenty one has a timestamp plastered all over the page. I want my brand to be fresh and continue to grow just like I do.

Super Sidekicks?

For this icon set I created 12 characters for the set of young justice. Because the characters age out and new ones are added each season; I picked the original team and then added on my favorite characters until I got to the twelve. I wanted to learn more about expressions through eyes. This was my key objective. My objective is what inspired me to draw their faces instead of the costumes. Once I decided what I generally wanted to create I went to my sketch book.


After trial and error I settled on their general head shape. This is when I brought them into the computer. I focused on six to begin with incase anything changed during the process,

In this draft I included their symbols with their faces. However my professor wanted to see if I could explain who they were without their symbols. I took this challenge and dropped the symbols and the shadow. I then created the other six. First I created their hair and general features. Then I got caught up on their eyes. My main problem here was also the lack of expression in their eyes. I went back to the computer and researched how to draw emotion in eyes for a good hour before I continued in the computer. Then I created 2 new eyes, one male and the other female. The two characters in the blue circles are the new eyes and the two characters in the red circle are the old eyes.

I then replaced all the eyes on all the characters with the new style.

I went back to my professor seeking help because some of my characters still looked a little flat. He gave me a few Ideas and once again it was back into the computer to make any final details.  Leaving me with my final product.


I believe I met my objective of learning how to convey emotion through eyes. Each characters personality can be seen through their facial expressions, even when their masks are covering their eyes.


Bringing the detail out of science

This vector that I will be criticizing is named Playing with Science by Karen Dessire and can be found Here


In this symbol set Dessire does an amazing job with creating a uniform understanding of the icons. In other words the icons fulfill their purpose. Each and every icon is a non unique symbols for the word and idea that is trying to represent. This is a very good thing. This means that her audience will be able to understand her message clearly and concisely. She does do this in a way that is a unique style that makes it artistic and fun. She puts a little of herself in each symbol. Kyle adams, a successful vector designer explained more on this subject in his interview with cory kerr. You can click here to learn more about how to be original in icon development.


For an icon set to be successful it must carry on specific rules set in place by the creator. This is to make each icon flow as a set and not stick out as individual pieces. Dessire does this through color. If we look at each individual item they all share the same color scheme.

In this image i pointed out with arrows everywhere there is the same color. As you can see there are multiple arrows in each image, showing that every color is repeated somewhere within the set.


Another tool to create cohesion between the icons are shapes. More specifically curved ends or pointed ends. In this aspect Dessire lacks in picking a curved end or a pointed end. In the red I singled were she used a curved corner or end, and in the blue where she used a pointed end or corner.

As we can see in certain objects there is both pointed points and curved corners which in this case is not to bad, however it would be nice to see some more uniformity.

Another shape that does tie in the icons into a set are the circles that intrap the subject. Although it is a stylistic approach to create uniformity, it takes the interest out of the icon. Placing anything within a cirlce or square is over done and existing. It take a the creativity out of the icon set. The icons are great by themselves, they do not need these distracting circles around them. I will take the element and the energy bolt for an example. They are uniformed pieces, but with the bright mustered being placed on top of the light teal is distracting and overpowering. When I first looked at the energy bolt I could not see the flickers of teal.

As we create Icons we must do so with: following our own rules, making the icons flow as a set, and being original as well as comprehensive.


Side Note to my followers

I Do post my reverse engineering post on another website for Vector students called Vector Paths Incase you see this article there. I am the creator of both posts.