Comm 100 Classreviews

New things I learned from each class period.

Intro to class: This class will help us decided what we want as our emphasis and cluster.

I Comm: There is Scroll and Soapbox that are great ways to gain experience.

Written journalism: there is always a new way to tell a story.

Video Production and broadcast Journalism: Broadcast journalism is super fast and an adrenaline rush. Probably not what I want to do with my career.

Public Relations: They process a plan that influences public opinion.

Organizational Communication and Advocacy: One person can make a huge difference in a person or multitudes of people.

Visual Communication: Make it happen, don’t wait for it.

Advertising: There are a lot of aspects that go into advertising such as product, price, place, promotion, and people.

Internships: Brother Judkins is the person in charge of internships. We should pray about what internship we should take. We need to clarify our goals. We need to plan ahead at least 2 semesters, use as many resources as we can, and be open-minded.

Ethics and Plagiarism: You can not copyright a fact, idea, name or process.