Comm 300


My name is Valerie Fisher. I am from the  San Francisco Bay area of California. This is my blog for my communications at Brigham young university Idaho.

I received my A.S. in photography from West Valley Community College. I worked in sports and newborn photography. I have worked with Photoshop and light room for post editing. 

This is one of the most recent images of me.

I used lightroom to bring up the red and color in the image as well as cleaning up the background shadow.

I used light room to brighten the candles and bring out the shine in mt boots.

I did not do much editing to this image.

This image is very heavily edited. I enhanced a lot of the color in the sun set. I also silhouetted the people and the mountains. I brightened the red blanked so the audience could see it against the black hill.

Portfolio -Valerie Fisher-43

These two were color corrected slightly.

Portfolio -Valerie Fisher-48Portfolio -Valerie Fisher-50

These were edited to be black and white. I added a lot of contrast to the second and reduced it in the first.

Portfolio -Valerie Fisher-55

I took away the saturation in this image to create a darker more realistic image.

For the two flower images I used multiple images to create a compilation photograph though Photoshop. The first flower images was a few flowers with glow stick residue. The second flower image was made with different color lights on a white flower with different angles.